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The Guy's Guide to Feminism


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This is a guest post by Josh Cooke.

Do you believe that women should…

  • Have the right to vote?
  • Drive a car?
  • Enjoy sex?
  • Get paid the same as men for the same work?

Did you answer yes to all of the above? Then you’d better lie down… You’ve probably caught feminism!

This small, green book by Michael Kaufman & Michael Kimmel is an incredibly accessible and entertaining A to Z guide to all things feminist.

It offers a simple, balanced views of the key elements of feminist issues and why and how feminism should be everyday common sense rather than some unobtainable aspiration.

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Perchè ti mostri? Ne parla una sedicenne


Edited to be gender neutral! 
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Just a girl (No Doubt)

I’m just a girl,
Take a good look at me
Just your typical prototype